Print may be Making a Comeback

Hm. I’ve long preferred print over digital versions of books. For several years e-books were rapidly gaining market share. That trend may be over for now. In both the US and UK e-book sales have fallen nearly 20% year over year. That’s significant.

The reasoning for this may simply be that people don’t want to pay for e-books. Those prices are still ridiculous, if you ask me.

But the outlier of this whole thing is China. They’re reading more e-books than ever before, mostly on smartphones. Perhaps China is a few years behind the greater trend. Or perhaps they just want their e-books. Either way, long live print! 😂

4 thoughts on “Print may be Making a Comeback

  1. I feel bad on occasion about my print books. I know there’s a lot of recycled paper involved, but until it hits the 100% point, we’re still essentially contributing to the destruction of trees just to fuel our story urge, when we could get it from e-books instead.

    …..but there’s just something about the experience of reading print books! Gah.


    • There is no argument against that. Especially since so many people don’t recycle hardly anything. And when retailers still strip brand new books if they don’t sell. I know from my time at HPB that we always tried to recycle as many books as we could, but it was one recycling bin shared by a number of businesses. So there were times when they’d have to be thrown away.

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  2. I love print. I just am a material person. I plan to have a house built when I get out on my own and the biggest room besides my kitchen will be a library. 🙂 I’m a book hog.


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