This is no Time to Break Rules

Tomorrow is that made up day we know as Mother’s Day. If you get someone flowers, let me just tell you you’re lazy. And about as original as a can of corn. But I don’t really care what you do or don’t do. So long as you don’t break the ONLY rule that always applies. Which rule is that?


The end.

4 thoughts on “This is no Time to Break Rules

      • hmm yes. that’s a good point. Art is a terrible gift too, even worse I think, because you are presuming they will want to hang it up on their wall. Then again, clothes is close to this same issue as well.
        Idk, I never know what to get people. It is a sort of torture when the holidays come around for me, cause then it looks like you don’t care if you don’t get a good gift.


      • I actually hate the holiday season. All of it. I shouldn’t be forced to give gifts just because that’s what millions of people in the world do.


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