Am I Bad?

Guys, I just realized I never buy new books. I know people sometimes have issues with buying anything used because they claim the rightful copyright owner is not compensated. But then that means that there would NO sellers of anything pre-owned. No pawn shops. No GameStop. No Half Price Books.

So no, I’m not bad. I’m deciding. 

6 thoughts on “Am I Bad?

  1. I agree, Used is great! but I really like to crack a new book open sometimes, especially a hardcover I am going to keep on my shelf. Most of the time I will buy a hard backed used. As for the Moral Judgement, well I have to say, if it was a HUGE deal, then they would have fought like the Music industry did with the digital downloads. I believe it is much like property, once it is bought, it is yours to do with as you please. At least that is my thought in the matter.


    • I think the difference between the music industry and publishing is pretty stark. I don’t have the numbers in front of me but I imagine music brings in more money than book publishing. We also can’t forget that major publishers colluded against Amazon to raise eBook prices. So there is somewhat of a comparison.


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