I didn’t post in September. Lots of things contributed to this. 1) Work. After missing almost two weeks after Harvey, I finally made it back into the office. 2) Change in schedule. Right when I was still unable to reach the office I received word that I’d been selected to assist in new hire training. Which immediately made my schedule M-F. No, that’s not typical. 3) Prepping. Prepping for what, I see you asking. My move. I’m moving into my first solo apartment on October 21. I’m excited. But I’ve been buying all kinds of things (most notably, furniture) throughout the last month. Today I packed all of my books. I won’t be seeing them for a month.

I’ll get back to posting. My apartment is only ten minutes from my job. Which gives me additional hours every month I haven’t had.

Also, I’m late to the party but I’ve been binge watching Friends. I’m through the first two seasons.