The Diary of an Unhappy Nobody: Day 29

I began the year by posting daily about my own personal struggles in recent months. I haven’t posted in recent weeks because all the things I’d been writing about worsened and worsened to the point of me texting someone at 4 in the morning a couple of weeks ago that I was on the verge of complete collapse.

But it was something entirely unexpected that caused this. My grandma fell ill.

I’m going to be completely honest with y’all. As an adult I’ve always maintained the attitude that death shouldn’t sadden us the way it typically does because every one of us will reach that day. My grandma was the closest relative I’ve lost. All of my other grandparents died when I was younger. I have memories of and with them, but I had my grandma twice as long as all the others. And I lived with her for 14 years.

She left us on the 19th. I went home from the hospital and cried all night. I’ve cried every day since. I’ve never cried more at any point during my 26 years.

I delivered the eulogy on the 25th. It was the single greatest honor of my life to tell everyone about my grandma and what I learned from her. Her funeral was the 26th. I’m still not sure I can handle this going forward.

But one thing I learned throughout all of this is that I’ve been mistaken for a really long time. I’m not alone, no matter how I might feel. I’ve had old friends reach out to me. But even more importantly, I’ve come to realize I have my family. It shouldn’t take death to realize this.

I already miss my grandma more than I can possibly put into words here. But I’m so much better off because of the two and a half decades I had with her.

Let my experience possibly be a lesson for you. We’ll all experience the feeling of loneliness I’ve been experiencing, but we aren’t alone. Not really. Not a single one of us.

4 thoughts on “The Diary of an Unhappy Nobody: Day 29

  1. You will never be alone because you have family. We are always going to be here for you no matter what. I love you and you can alwsys call me anytime and i will drop what i am doing for you! I Love You!! Mom

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  2. Hey man, I enjoy your blog and I’m sorry that you’re going through a tough time. Sometimes it does take a loss to bring people together or to realize what you have. I had some terrible health issues in 2016 and life will never be simple again, but it opened my eyes to what is important in life. I’ve lost friends who thought life was unbearable and I wished they’d reached out. I really admire your honesty. Most people use social media to portray a perfect version of their lives. Keep writing and honing your talent and your voice will resonate in ways you can’t imagine.

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    • I appreciate you reading. And yes, I think experiencing a loss tends to bring people together. Of course oftentimes this is only temporary. But hopefully going forward that’s less and less the case. Though I am still “young” to most people, I do believe I have a good idea who and what is important in my life.


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