I’m Getting Worse

When I started this blog more than five years ago I had never posted anything like this online. Then it grew and grew and kept growing. Then I realized I was posting just to keep posting rather than because I wanted to.

So it all stopped.

But after so long of no activity on here (and really not even thinking about it) I’m ready to share my thoughts on so many things bookish again.

The title of this is about my reading. I set a goal in 2018 not to buy any new books. I failed. By one. I bought a book at the end of the year, but otherwise managed to stay away from Half Price. But unfortunately that didn’t correlate with a bump in reading the books I already have. I hit a new low in the number of books read of only 5 for the entire year. My excuse lately is that Fortnite takes up too much of my time, but that’s only an excuse. Here’s to being a better reader in the new year.

How was your 2018 in reading?

13 thoughts on “I’m Getting Worse

  1. Welcome back!
    Sometimes posting when you don’t want to is not necessarily a bad thing. As long as you have a thought that you want to convey that you think someone else might like to read. There is a lot of discipline involved in writing, and most writers who achieve any degree of success learn to write when they really don’t feel much like it.

    I’m curious as to why you decided not to buy any new books in 2018. Are you (like me) behind in reading the ones you already own?

    As far as my year in reading goes, I can think of only three purchases that I made for recreational reading. These were Kindle downloads and all were non-fiction. I was given one novel as a gift for Christmas and I am a little over half-way finished with it. I also purchased a couple of volumes of poetry and a couple of technical books related to my job.

    Good luck, and I hope you keep posting


    • Thanks! You’re right about writing when I’m not really up for it. But at one point I’d post on here and as soon as the possible was up I’d have comments and likes and just became a bit exhausting. Obviously it’s great to have people read anything I write, but I definitely needed time away from this. I think it’ll be better going forward.

      I decided not to buy any new books in 2018 because I have way too many just sitting at home. I can’t remember what the high was, but it was something like 85 unread books. I’ll have to check later but I think I’m down in the 50s since whenever that occurred. I think.

      Three new books and how many did you read in total?


      • If I read 5 or 6 new books last year that would be a lot. I only get a chance to read when I am on a plane or at the beach. Ten hours a day in front of the computer kills my eyes. I have so much stuff I want to read, but frankly I just don’t have that much energy left in me at the end of the day.


  2. I finished one book that I had started the previous year. My excuse is wedding planning took all my time. (although I did listen to a lot of audiobooks while having to travel a lot for it)


    • Wow! Nice! My goal is always 50. Two years ago I knocked out 11 in the first 5 weeks and just trailed off from there and didn’t come close. I’ll have to check out your post.


  3. Our local library allows you to order up to 5 new books a visit- they have money to buy books that they figure, if you want it bad enough, then other people must want it too. Way to save your own money and still read like crazy!


  4. I only read about five books in 2018. I have about 10 as my first book goal for 2019, and Iโ€™ve already finished one!! Once I hit that number I am going to create a new book goal. To be honest, fortnite takes up a lot of my spare time as well. Ive been trying to read right before bed. It helps me relax and fall asleep too. ๐Ÿค“


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