Broken Promise, But Not Really

I haven’t made a goal of not buying any new books in 2019. Which means I’m almost certainly going to buy some. I have a disease. πŸ˜‚

Besides my favorite authors and series, whenever I enjoy an adaptation before reading the book I always want to go back and read it. Every single time. I know I’m not the only one, and don’t yell at me for not reading the book first to begin with. Sometimes we don’t even know there’s a book until afterward.

Recently I’ve watched two adaptations I really enjoyed. One was a movie and one was a series. Now I want both books. But I’m stingy. I never pay regular price and prefer to have Half Price coupons when I go. They only come out four times a year. Hmm.

Do you always read the book first when there’s an adaptation out or on the way?

12 thoughts on “Broken Promise, But Not Really

  1. I prefer to read a book before seeing the movie. With a book, the pacing and the reveals are important, and you lose much of that if you see the movie first. Also, of course – “the book is always better than the movie.” Glad to see the increase in activity on your blog. It’s a lot of work!


  2. I try to read the book first. But sometimes, it really messes up the timing of seeing the adaptation. I find that whichever I experience first (whether it’s the adaptation or the original), comparisons are inevitable. I wish I could just appreciate both works for their individuality, but maybe that’s just the way it goes.


      • Agreed, usually the book is better…though there are exceptions of course. And Prisoner of Azkaban was a bit difficult to get through, but there’s always so much more detail in her books than in the movies.

        Unrelated, but in a similar vein as adaptations… have you ever been to any of the Harry Potter theme parks? I guess we can kind of call them experiential adaptations?


      • I know. Like 80% of of people I talk to say that was their favorite book. I just don’t see it.

        And no, I haven’t. I need to! I haven’t been to Orlando in like 20 years. I’m long overdue.

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      • It wasn’t my favorite of the series….so you’re not alone there. πŸ™‚

        You need to visit! There’s also the movie set experience just outside of London, which is also really cool!


      • Good.

        I know! I’m trying to become a world traveler over here and Orlando is way up on my list, but it’s so expensive to do everything I want to. 😐 I also plan on going to London ONE DAY.

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