Tell Me About Your Blog!

Since I’ve started posting regularly again I haven’t really been reading other blogs, including ones I already follow. But I want to!

Though I have a million different interests like anyone else, when I’m on WordPress I tend to focus on and follow book-related blogs. But that’s not as limiting as it sounds because there is no one book blog format I enjoy. For example, mine is a mix of what I’m reading, thoughts on book news, and soon I’ll include my videos. There is so much I can talk about that isn’t just a review of a book.

So tell me what you usually post about so I can take a look!

21 thoughts on “Tell Me About Your Blog!

  1. Most of my blog is random, whatever pops in to my head type posts, but I have started a couple of regular features. On Fridays when I’m not travelling I write about my week in books, TV and movies and on Sundays I have “What’s Good in Tater Town” where I take the time to find and list ten good things that happened over the past week.


  2. I write about fiction: writing tips, book reviews, film reviews, a few of my own humble efforts at story writing here and there… basically, anything fiction related.


  3. I’m a (mostly) speculative fiction writer, and I blog about my experiences getting published, trying to get published, relevant themes in SF, reviews, and I share a lot of my own flash fiction and short stories. Basically it’s just about trying to demystify the life of a modestly successful writer, let people in on the process, and hopefully connect with likeminded readers and writers in the WordPress community 😊


  4. For now I’ve divided one into 3 sections: my book reviews (does what it says on the tin), my weekly ramblings (blog post about anything I feel like talking about), my writer’s journal (my fiction, creative non-fiction, and general writing exercises and thoughts).

    Let’s see how long I can keep it “organised” xD


    • Yes. I kind of wish mine had more structure to it, but it’s just whatever I think of. Mostly I’ll have an idea and write about it the night before the post goes up. And some days I write something on break at work and just post it immediately.

      Side note. When I first followed your blog I saw your post about A Darker Shade of Magic. This has been heavily recommended to me by a friend of mine and I finally got a copy yesterday (just the first book). So once I read it I’m really looking forward to reading your thoughts on the series. But for now when I saw the post I was like CLOSE YOUR EYES. 😂


      • Hahahahahaha! Ok 1st to be fair I do exactly the same when it comes to writing a post it’s just that I’ve now worked out these three “themes” that I can divide them in. This has only been possible for me now that I’ve gathered enough posts to see the “bigger picture”.

        Also YES CLOSE YOUR EYES though I think it might be a spoiler free review and I mainly talk about the first one. I loved ADSM, it was good fantasy but also fantasy that feels like I could write it! Now I can’t wait to see if you think the same!


      • I like it. Versus me with 1100 posts about random book stuff AND STILL GOING. Like, how? 😂

        I don’t really read fantasy. But when she explained a little tiny bit about it I was intrigued. But we can’t talk any more about it yet!


  5. I generally write reviews of children’s pictures books, and other literary-related things. I think that picture books are so essential to childhood and so underappreciated!


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