Tracking My Reading

Goodreads makes it extremely easy to track one’s reading. But it’s mostly just titles and ratings. Sure you can do a little more, but I go above and beyond on my own. I have a spreadsheet for my reading. I track all kinds of things:

  • Author
  • Series
  • Reading time
  • Page count
  • How long it was on my TBR pile
  • Rating
  • Ranking for the year
  • Ranking all-time

I guess it seems like way more in the document, but that’s still a lot! I didn’t even realize it until I opened an old document and saw everything.

What do you track for your reading!?

7 thoughts on “Tracking My Reading

  1. I used to make a list in my little notebook. Then I realized Goodreads was a much better option. I don’t track TBR because I have just so many. I’ve also got an app called bookshelf where I keep a track of all the books I’ve bought when I realized I bought a few titles twice.


    • Goodreads isn’t enough for me. I have a list of all the books I own by title. One of the books by author. And another for when I’ve bought books and how much I paid for them. Then I have a ranking of the best books I’ve read. So many lists.

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