New Video: Why I Never Reread Books

This is a fun topic for me because I always feel like everyone is against me, but that’s okay! I’m standing my ground and fighting y’all off! Ha. Watch and tell me what you think!

9 thoughts on “New Video: Why I Never Reread Books

  1. So, I generally don’t reread books, primarily for the same reason you mention: with so many books, there isn’t time to read all of them, and even less time if you reread things. (My husband is of the opposite mindset where I think he’s read most of his 300+ books multiple times.)

    I do have a handful (like literal can count on one hand) that I’ve read more than once… well a few more counting some Harry Potter books. While they were still coming out, when the new one was released, I’d read the previous one as kind of a refresher. Lately, most of my rereading has been things like my husband or I reading aloud. I actually just wrote a post today because we’re reading through a book now that he hasn’t read. That might fall more into the ‘sharing a story’ as opposed to ‘rereading.’ *shrugs*

    Also, as a final note, you mentioned the Hunger Games. I always joke that I “downloaded them Matrix style” because I read all three in a weekend. Anyway… 🙂

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    • Rereading 300+ books multiple times is too many! Next time he starts rereading something snatch it from his hands and give him something new. 😂 I didn’t read The Hunger Games in a weekend, but it was in a pretty quick amount of time. Maybe a week or two. I read the first one in paperback. And the second two on Kindle. A million years later I bought all hardcovers of them. I’ve never actually read any of these since I don’t reread.


      • Haha. I’ve actually been trying to do that a bit lately. He does also reread his manga multiple times. I’m slowly working to get him to read more of my books. (I think we both brought about 300 books into this, and we’ve got very little overlap. Mostly Harry Potter and LotR.) If I recall, I picked the Hunger Games up shortly before the first movie came out, and I only meant to read the first one that weekend. I think it was one of my rare light schoolwork weekends. *shrugs* and I’ve got a few books like that, where I picked up the hardbacks so I had them, but didn’t read them because I’d already read them previously.

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      • Good. Tell him he’s short on time because we all are. Gotta read other stuff. 😂 I also read them right before the first movie. my brother recommended them and he’s not even a reader and I got hooked.


      • So true. There are so many amazing books yet to he read (and written for that matter). 🙂 a friend of mine recommended them to me. They really are good, and they have led to quite a few discussions about the books as commentary on society/politics/perceptions (hardly the only ones, as Harry Potter has led to similar conversations, too). All in all, good stuff. 🙂

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