A Road Trip Through Texas: Day 2

It was another kind of late start for me, but luckily it wasn’t four hours this time. As I mentioned yesterday, the museums in Dallas open really late or not at all on Sundays. Which limits the number I can visit in a day. So I woke up with one plan and immediately changed it.

I spent most of the day visiting the Dallas Museum of Art. Since visiting Boston in 2017 art museums have been my favorite. I rarely pass up an opportunity to visit a new one.

And right inside the door there’s an exhibition on Islamic art, which included this. It’s about 800 years old. Who doesn’t love old books?

The museum had multiple levels of really well done galleries, ranging from ancient Egypt to today. I have absolutely no complaints about my visit there. General admission is always free. Okay, one tiny complaint. A bit of the museum was closed off, likely to create new exhibitions and galleries, but it only took me three hours to get through everything. For some that might sound like a lot, but at the MFA Boston I spent about 9 hours in there over two days and still didn’t see everything.

Also slightly disappointed in the museum’s hours. 11-5 everyday but Friday, which has extended hours. I know there are other places to see more contemporary art, but I’d have liked to see more of it here. There was just one gallery (that I can recall) focused on contemporary art. Contemporary art, I’ve learned, is so much different from every other era. I want more of it.

I always enjoy when I get to see a new Picasso piece, no matter how popular or obscure.

The next place I visited was the Nasher Sculpture Center. It was directly across the street from the Dallas Museum of Art in downtown Dallas.

It was rather underwhelming. The entire building took maybe 15 minutes to get through. It was only three rooms.

They also have a sculpture garden outside. It was being renovated. There were maybe 10 pieces. But again, they have a Picasso piece.

Once I finished I met up with my brother who just moved here this weekend. I always try a new Mexican place whenever I visit a new city, and the place was actually really good! I should have taken pictures, but I didn’t.

Monday should be a fuller day.

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