Memoirs, Memoirs, and Memoirs

So far this year I’ve read a few memoirs, with at least a couple more upcoming. This is not a genre I’ve ever really gotten into. There’s no reason for it, just how things have happened.

But this year and going forward I’m thinking it’ll be a new genre to gain more exposure to. Why? Again, no specific reason except that there’s more to read than just mysteries.

So tell me if you’ve read any good memoirs recently.

6 thoughts on “Memoirs, Memoirs, and Memoirs

  1. As an author in this genre, I have read many memoirs. One that stands out is actor Andrew McCarthy’s The Longest Way Home. When I read a good one, it influences my life as well as motivates me to keep on writing (and walking).


    • Without Google searching I can’t put a face to him. Admittedly, I have read very few. A subject I’ve been interested in is presidential memoirs after they leave office. I’ve never read one, but I’ve wanted to for some time. Top of my list would be George W. Bush’s because his was the first presidency I was old enough to have an idea what was going on.


      • I also read your thoughtful post about reviews. There is another aspect: Reviews can be huge to authors. I just got one from a reader of my book in the U.K., which included: “This book (Camino Sunrise) may well encourage you to follow your dreams and step out into the great unknown world.” Andrew McCarthy’s book did that for me.


  2. I have a few suggestions – Promise me, Dad (Joe Biden), Wave (Sonali Deraniyagala), Is everyone hanging out without me? (Mindy Kaling), The Last Lecture (Jeffrey Zaslow and Randy Pausch), When Breath Becomes Air (Paul Kalanithi) – All books that I’ve read over a few years and I’ve really enjoyed or cried about.


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