A New Thought

Of all the things this pandemic has brought to mind, one that’s surprised me is about writing. For those of you new around here, once upon a time I self-published a book back in 2013.

Recently my manager at work randomly bought and read it and sometimes we talk about it during 1-1 sessions and I swear he knows it better than I do. 😂

But what the pandemic has me thinking about more recently is writing again. Again, mine was self-published and it could have been much better if I’d taken more time on it. When I originally finished I wanted to start a series. I still have that ultimate goal, but I don’t want it to be that one.

Back then I used to take a notepad with me everywhere just in case I had a sudden thought. Now that’s not necessary being home all the time, but maybe I’ll start thinking about it again.

4 thoughts on “A New Thought

  1. November is ‘nanowrimo’ month, a month in which to write a novel with prompts and support from the ‘nanowrimo’ teams. (Nanowrimo stands for “national novel writing month.) If it appeals to you, I can verify that it is fun. I’ve done it several times and three times, or is it four(?) I had a novel by the end of the month– one of these, got published by a small press that took it on.


    • I’ve known about it since starting the blog, but have never participated and don’t think I will. I know lots of people who have books published as a result, but it’s not for me.


  2. I kid you not – I’ve been thinking of writing again during these last few months. I’ve never achieved things you have, but I have always been so fond of writing and used to be quite good at it till I just stopped a few years go. But I’ve been thinking about restarting for a while now.

    I think its a great idea and you should definitely try to start again, I’ve always felt writing to be therapeutic in many ways.


    • Yes! You should! For me, I think now would be good for me to get into something of a writing routine because I’ve been working from home for seven months with no end in sight. I’ll never be someone who writes everyday or forces myself to try. With the added time I now have it makes me ask myself, “Why not?”

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