More Hispanic Authors, Please

I wrote recently about how I felt reading The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, how unabashedly Hispanic the story was and how rare I found it to be. No one has any say over what I read. It comes down to what I decide on. Sometimes it’s a whim while browsing at my local store (rare), but usually it’s just whatever I decide.

Goodreads gives easy access and insight into one’s reading habits and trends. This isn’t new to me, but my reading is heavily white and male. I imagine this is the case for many because publishing (like so many areas of society) skews similarly. After reading Diaz’ aforementioned story, I think it brought my grand total of books by Hispanic authors to 4 out of roughly 300.

What I’ve found in these last few weeks is even when discovering an author I want to try for the first time, so often the book(s) are difficult to find anywhere. There’s one in particular I’ve had my eye on and I can’t seem to find it anywhere but Amazon for $22.

Have you read any Hispanic authors you’d recommend?

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