Reading Routines

Recently has been the first time I’ve had a real reading routine since my college days. During my first semester twice a week I had a nearly two hour break between classes. Some people studied. Some got food. I usually bought a smoothie and sat down in a study area and pulled out my current book. Every Tuesday and Thursday. Like clockwork.

I’ve been out of school for 7 years. The last 4 I’ve had a set schedule. The last 2 I’ve had a set M-F schedule. But it was difficult to come up with a reading routine. Mostly because I’d read in starts and stops and could never stick to anything.

But 2020 has flipped everything on its head. Didn’t have a dog. Now I do. Hadn’t set up my home office. Now it is. Didn’t have a reading routine. Now I’m reading every night. Where has this John been all these years!?

I can’t say for sure why my reading has taken on more of a priority this year, but in these last 4 months reading nightly has made a big difference. I think of it the same as those who write every single day, no matter what.

What’s your routine?

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