Scheduled Reading

I’m trying something for the first time this year. Because I’ve still been bad about reading books I already own, I’ve decided to schedule which books I’m going to be reading throughout this year.

What I’ve done is I’ve examined my TBR shelf. Even after the 50 books I read last year I still have nearly 70 unread books. I learned the most common reason for me to constantly skip over a book is length. It’s the only reason, quite frankly. So I’m stuck with dozens of books 500-700 pages in length I can never bring myself to read. Until now.

I came up with a system. For every book I read over 450 pages, I’ll read two that are less than that. Because the alternative is leaving these on the TBR shelf in perpetuity. No one has time for that.

Is this something you’ve done before?

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