How do I decide which books to buy?

I was wandering my local Barnes and Noble on Sunday when I was asked this question. I thought about it. Then thought some more and realized I have no idea.

That’s only partially true. If I’m reading a series I’m enjoying, then I just continue. There’s the Amazon list of 100 books everyone should read. Sometimes there’s a ton of hype surrounding a book. Some are heavily recommended. And most rarely I’ll just find myself in the bookstore waiting for something to catch my eye. All this to say I have no set way of deciding which books to buy. This likely explains why I have so many books I haven’t yet read. I buy them in a moment of interest and then once the moment passes, so does my willingness to read them.

How do you decide which books to buy?

2 thoughts on “How do I decide which books to buy?

  1. I’ve been trying to be a lot more I intentional with my book buying lately. For a long time I was snapping up anything that sounded remotely interesting, which left me with a ton of books I now have no interest in reading. So now I try to only buy books I know I’ll read right away. It’s helped me not feel so stressed about reading if I’m reading them as I buy them.

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    • I’ve read just about every book by my favorite authors so it’s impossible to know what I will or won’t eventually pick up. This is why a good series is so nice to have.


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