“The Hill We Climb” out today

During the inauguration of President Joe Biden Amanda Gorman just about stunned all of us with her inaugural poem. It was the first time (myself included) many had heard her name. As announced shortly after her reading, her inaugural poem is now available in book form today. Talking to someone last night I realized I don’t read poetry. But there’s no specific reason why I don’t. Amanda may just change that when a collection of her poems released later this year.

Do you have a favorite poet or poetry collection?

Buying all the poetry books

Last night before the Super Bowl Amanda Gorman recited an original poem to honor several people who are making impacts in their communities. Once again I was very much impressed.

Her books are coming soon. But what I’ve started realizing is poetry can have the same effect as any other work. You reading this might think this is hardly a revelation. Up to this point I’ve never found much interest in poetry. Not because of the medium itself, but because I’ve fully embraced fiction.

I’ve constantly told myself to branch out in nearly all aspects of my life when I’m ready. It may seem small, and maybe it is, but I’m thinking in the days to come, I’ll finally open myself up to the world of poetry. And I feel like I have much to catch up on.

Are they any poets you think I should start with?

Amanda Gorman is About to Take Over

I wrote last week about Amanda Gorman’s extraordinary inaugural poem. It seems every few hours she’s making more moves.

In March her inaugural poem will be published with an initial printing of one million copies. In September a collection of her poems (along with her inaugural poem) will be published, also with an initial printing of one million copies. She recently signed with IMG Models and will be taking part in the Super Bowl festivities in less than two weeks.

In any scenario all of this would be such phenomenal news, but I know I’m not the only one ecstatic that all these things are happening for a young African-American woman. Amanda Gorman isn’t going anywhere any time soon. And maybe her prediction of one day running for president (she told Hillary Clinton she would run in 2036) isn’t so far off. I’m excited to see what comes next.

You HAVE to Hear Amanda Gorman at the Inauguration

Yesterday a new president was inaugurated in the US. Though it lacked many of the traditional festivities due to the pandemic, it was still a memorable day.

But Amanda Gorman may have stolen the show. She’s the national youth poet laureate and recited an original poem at the inauguration. No description I provide will do her words any justice. But I will say her words and her exceptional performance once again prove what so many have said in recent years. Words matter. And for years and decades to come, her words will stay with so many among us. Here’s the full poem. I hope you’ll take a minute to listen.

She also has a forthcoming poetry collection due to release in September, which you find here.