A Heist Right out of a Movie

We’ve all seen movies in which criminals rob a bank through the vault from underground or by rappelling down through the roof to evade detection.

Recently one of those scenarios actually played out in the UK. Robbers rappelled down into a warehouse that was storing valuable books. The robbers took the most expensive ones they could find and made off with 160 books worth more than a 2 million dollars! I can’t help but laugh at this. These books are hundreds of years old.

I went to Austin last year and walked through an exhibit of old books. I thought it was a really cool exhibit. Shakespeare was a major part of the whole thing. I recall several of his copies of plays he’d written. I’m just insginjbg people coming down from the roof like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible in order to get their hands on those books.

Have you ever been around books hundreds of years old? What would you do to get your hands on them? Also, I’ve seen a Gutenberg bible!