Blogging Isn’t Writing


Photo Credit: Calico

I’d be willing to bet that I read more blog posts each day or week or month than you do. I know I have no life. It’s okay. But one of the things I see way too much of is that some bloggers seem to think that writing blog posts is the same as creatively writing anything. Uhh no.

Let me just tell you about myself. I can usually write a new chapter in a little less than three hours. We’ll make it easy and say it’s 3,250 words. That’s usually divided into two writing sessions. Now why am I telling you this? Because that is creative writing. A poem or short story is creative writing. So much more goes into any one of them than just the words on the page. But writing a blog post is not in the same category. And if you’re a writer I’d hope you know this.

I fully realize that some bloggers only write on their blogs and that others post their own work, this doesn’t apply to them, but it certainly does apply to all those aspiring authors who have maybe written a book or are currently in the process of doing so. Blogging doesn’t help me write. It doesn’t make me a better writer. And it certainly doesn’t keep in the groove, whatever that is. My writing and my blogging are two separate entities and you would do well to make sure yours are too.

So stop writing all these “Oh I’ve had writer’s block because I haven’t blogged in a month” posts. You’re just busy or lazy or some combination of both. Has nothing to do with your inability to write creatively.