A not so February Review

I’m not in the mood to write up a February review. It was a pretty average month on here. I kind of hit a snag recently and actually missed a day for the first time since LAST January. But it’s okay. I successfully started my new series on the YouTube channel. This Week in Books is fun to do and the topics are usually pretty different from one another.

The real high point last month was that I released SIX videos! Easily the most I’ve done, and probably the basement for what I’ll be doing in months to come. Cause I didn’t like any of the Top Five Wednesday topics, but I know I like at least one this month.

That’s all for now. How many of my videos did you actually watch?! And how was your February?

PS: I’ll be contacting the winner of my giveaway with in the next few days.

A Reversal

Have you ever believed in one thing for so long and then suddenly had a change of heart? I think this is what politicians might call “evolving”. Well I’ve recently realized that I’ve also done it.

For the longest time I refused to write book reviews. I still don’t. I don’t write them. But I do review the books I read. And in 2016 I plan on reviewing just about every book I read for my challenge and the Amazon list. So I may not actually write reviews, but I do review what I read.

Which of course started back in 2014 when I’d discuss the books I read from Amazon’s list. Then I started my channel in June and expanded the practice. And now I have my reading challenge. I could end up reviewing ten books this year or 75. I don’t see anything wrong with changing my stance on reviews. I think every blogger should be open to a change in content over time. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?

Have you changed your stance on anything during the course of your blogging?

Monthly TBR Lists

If you spend any amount of time on WordPress, then you’ve likely come across many of these. They could be for summer or winter or June or anything at all. And I’m trying to figure them out. I have one question that I’d like to ask all you TBR List-making people. How do you come up with them? I’m not asking because I have any intention of adopting the practice, I’m asking because it’s a mystery to me.

You’re just about guaranteed to find these lists for every month into the future, but why? Why does there have to be this set list and how does one even decide what to put on it? I mean, when I first started seeing them on WordPress I thought they were just books that hadn’t been read before by the post author. But I now know that not to be the case. People are picking random books to reread at random times. And I just don’t get it.

How do you come up with your monthly (or similar) TBR lists?

It’s Been Two Years

Two years of what? Two years of Write me a book, John!. And I’ve been fortunate enough to have nearly 3000 people hit follow, which isn’t that impressive since most of them read one post and never came back. That’s fine. But in the two years I’ve been doing this I’ve interacted with A LOT of people. People I agree with. People from other countries. People with similar interests. People two or three times my age. People with life experience. People I’d like to meet one day. And people like you.

I’ve had people attack me. I’ve had people tell me how rude I am. I’ve had people write posts all about something I said or wrote. I’ve had people cuss me out. I’ve had people get to know me and then proceed to call me names as soon as I say something they disagree with.

There are a number of individuals who I consider great friends of mine, and it’s only possible because I decided to start this blog two years ago. To every person who has ever come across my tiny piece of the internet, I thank you. And to those who haven’t yet stumbled upon my piece of cyberspace, I welcome you. But to all of you who have kept coming back week after week, I’m just getting started.

I can’t put into words how much fun I’ve had over the last two years, but I look forward to several more years to come.

PS: I didn’t record my first video yesterday because of some minor technical difficulties, but I’m all set now! It’s happening TODAY.

PPS: I’ve already received SEVEN guest posts, so you better get yours to me before I just go ahead with the ones I have.

PPPS: Today is the last day for you to vote on which book I read next from the Amazon list. It’s a close vote, so get to it! You can vote here.

On this day in 2014 I published First Year Blogging Anniversary and May Recap.


New Beginnings Start in May

I’m obviously great at coming up with titles for my posts, huh? Anyway, this title is actually relevant to the month of May and there were some nice surprises that occurred along the way. I’m just going to jump right in with some numbers. As always, previous record will be in parenthesis.

Posts: 31 (31)

Likes: 829 (837)

Comments: 1366 (2121)

Followers: 2876

Books Read: 0 (4) *record for month in 2015

Poems: 0 (2) *record for month in 2015

An overall solid month, but it didn’t always look that way. The first half of May was dreadful. I’m pretty sure I actually scratched my head a time or ten because I had no idea what was going on. There are things that I fully expect to happen every month, no matter what I’m talking about on this blog. I expect to get new followers everyday. I expect to have between 800-1500 comments a month. I expect certain bloggers to return over and over again. These are all pretty constant, and I expect all of these things to combine to generate a specific number of views at the minimum. In the first half of May everything I just pointed out was happening just like any other month, but the views weren’t there. It would have been my worst month since December, which isn’t the worst thing in the world. You see I kept posting everyday and I kept interacting with y’all, but it was just a head scratcher.

The second half of the month was great. My best day of views in 2015 happened on Saturday, and last week was my best week of the year. I know y’all don’t care about this stuff, but it’s just a little weird sometimes. May was the fourth consecutive month that I posted everyday. And it was at least my seventh consecutive month of increasing comments. Now for some posts.

Top Post

What’s a Book Hangover?

Favorite Post

Stick With it

Post you may Have Missed

Not all Writers are the Same

My top post came at the end of the month! It will soon become the top post of 2015. I knew when I decided to write it that almost no one would agree with me, but I didn’t realize there would be such a reaction from several bloggers. But eh, I’m not apologizing for being honest.

Lastly, I announced that I’m starting a YouTube channel! I’m actually pretty excited about this. My intention is to record my first video tomorrow and hopefully have it released by Wednesday. Then I’ll just record them when I have something new to talk about.

I think that’s all for me. May could very well be the start of something fun.

How was your month?

PS: I’ve now sent out all of the guest post invites. It’s more than just five, which means two things…first, just because you write a post doesn’t mean I’ll post it. Second, the sooner you get your post to me the faster I can make a decision as to whether or not to post it.

Am I a Book Blogger?


Photo Credit: Book Bloggers International

What comes to mind when you think book blogger? I think of pretty much book reviews, author interviews, reading lists, and blog tours.

Awkward silence envelopes me.

I do none of those things. Okay. Now let’s see. Maybe I have an author blog? But wait, I don’t talk about my own writing on here anymore. I talk about my writing process. A little. Don’t think so.

Okay. Maybe I have a writing blog? But I don’t offer any writing tips like EVERYONE else seems to because I’m not an expert like everyone else. (don’t miss the sarcasm)

Hm. Well let’s see what I do blog about. I write posts about writing. I write about reading. I write about book news. I write about publishing and buying books. I write about authors. I write about Katniss and Harry Potter. I write about…what else do I freaking write about?! Uh uh…I rant on and on about how stupid some things are. Um. I don’t know!

Oh well. I guess I’m not your typical book blogger. But you know what? I AM a book blogger and all of you who do just stick to listing all the books you read during the last month and reviews and the occasional author interview…well you’re boring anyway and you probably have 37 followers to my 1800. Whaaa?! I did not just go there.

I make book blogging fun and controversial all at once. Now THAT is something I rather enjoy.