Am I Rich Yet?

Y’all know I hate every kind of book list. Every kind. I just came across one that may take the top spot in the worst kind of way. “7 Books You Should Read If You Want To Get Rich”.

Let’s say I read the books. Then take whatever advice or guidance they supply. That obviously guarantees riches are coming to me, right? Nothing unreasonable there.

Book lists rarely do much more than play on our desires and/or fears. Books do this on their own. Do we really need reputable news sources or websites throwing g together a list to do exactly the same? I don’t think so.

Books for Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s Day, right? All the love in the air. All the flowers slowly dying. All the chocolate being consumed. All the Teddy bears changing hands. But what about books? What kind of person doesn’t want books today?

So here are some suggestions for your Valentine’s Day reading fix. It’ll just be some authors.

Nora Roberts.

Debbie Macomber.

Nicholas Sparks.

Danielle Steele.

Aw crap. I’m just naming random romance authors. You should read today if you want to. Maybe one of these authors is actually on your list. But contrary to what you’ve likely seen hopping around the internet in recent weeks, there is no particular book or genre you should be reading today. Once you’ve settled in and your activities for this “special” day are complete, why not take a few minutes to relax with a book?

What are you reading today?

Authors Recommending Books

I know y’all know by now that I hate those ridiculous book lists that are always so easy to find on the internet. For summer. For fall. For men. For writers. They’re everywhere.

Well I’m not pulling any punches. I also hate when authors do it. Like why does it seem like every prominent author releases their “books for___” at some point during each year? Am I the only one who doesn’t think they’re even reading what they recommend? Cause it just so happens that the books are ALWAYS new releases. How interesting.

Are you interested when authors recommend a list of books for whatever reason? I’m not. Ever. Let me find my books on my own.

Here we go Again

Not that anything ever changed to begin with, but I’m sitting here trying to come up with something to blog about, right? Something half-interesting. And I come across an article on Huffington Post titled “25 Books Every Man Should Read”. Did I read the article? No. But I bet I know the basic premise. These must-reads for men would likely make me more attractive to women. They’d give me some kind of business edge. They’d give me an idea as to what it’s like in the great outdoors. They’d somehow make me a better man.

What a fucking joke.

Books every teen should read before beginning college. Books every man should read. Books every introvert should read. Books every sports fan should read. Books every entrepreneur should read. I’m sick of all these damn lists. Sick of them. Come up with some decent topics, damn it.