2016 Reading Challenge Book #3: Paper Towns

I know I’m not exactly leading the pack when it comes to my 2016 Reading Challenge, BUT at least I am reading something, right? Right.

This time around I decided to read John Green’s Paper Towns to mark off the young adult book from my challenge. In the video I didn’t get into the plot too much because I know people don’t like spoilers, but after editing and watching it back again I’ve decided that I’m going to be more in-depth in future videos because it just comes across as awkward when I’m referencing parts of the story but haven’t really spoken about them. So that’s just for future reference.

Also, I know yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday but I released a really important video. I laid out what my future plans are for my Johnny Reads YouTube channel. It’s two minutes in length, so I’ll leave it here for you just in case you didn’t catch it.

And here’s my video on Paper Towns. Now watch and tell me if you’ve read it and what you thought of it!

PS: I haven’t seen the movie just yet.

January Book Haul

Welp. Please don’t yell at me, okay? I KNOW I’m supposed to be on a book buying ban, but I still had a $50 gift card from last year and we were doing inventory at my store this past week. So I had to either buy my books or put them back on the shelf. I chose to buy.

So these are some of the books I bought! All will have videos at some point! Tell me what you think. And tell me which books you’ve recently acquired. Now watch, please.

Book Haul #2 | September

Yesterday I told y’all that I recently acquired my 200th print book. Well it was because of my most recent book haul! I may or may not have bought 14 books all at once. And I was actually talking to a coworker just last night about how it’s impossible to work at Half Price Books and not come across something you kinda sorta want. Then you see how cheap you can get it and what do you know? It suddenly finds a new home on your shelf. That’s me right now. And everyone else who works there.

Without further delay, here’s my September book haul! I guarantee you’ll recognize a few of the titles I mention. Now watch!