Why You Shouldn’t Burn Books

A man in Florida was in the process of burning books, as a result of whatever he was doing he managed to burn down 2 houses.

I’ve been open about what I’d save in the event of a house fire. It would pretty much only be my books. Trash bags, me, my books. That would be it. So I’ll never understand someone who goes out of their way to burn books. If you don’t want them or don’t like them there are plenty of options. Take them to Half Price Books. Recycle them yourself. Take them to the library. Do anything. But why burn them?

Oh well. Hopefully those people who are now homeless are able to recover. What would make you burn books?

Burning Books

Over the course of human history several groups have made the choice to burn books. And I think ISIS has now done the same. I’m just wondering why this happens.

I understand that during the days before electricity burning books would have been a surefire way to stop people from gaining knowledge. Imagine a town with one central library that was burned to the ground. Would the people just stop learning? No. But not having any books would make it a bit more difficult. But now we’re living in a very different age. We have the internet. We have all kinds of books in the public domain. We can gather information from so many different sources that it really makes no sense to burn books (not that it ever did).

I guess I can see it as an intimidation tactic to demonstrate that nothing is out of your reach, but burning books doesn’t really sway any opinions. Just like burning businesses, historical landmarks, or homes does nothing to change the opinions of people. With the technology that we have today (even in lesser developed countries) books can never really be burned. Printed books can be destroyed, but the information, stories, and everything that lies within the pages of a book cannot be taken away.

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