Tenth Chapter Benchmark


At last, I have some actual book stuff to tell you guys about. If you’ve been with me long enough you’ll recall that I revealed some stats about my first book last summer once I reached the conclusion of the tenth chapter. Ten is such a nice round number and it gives me the opportunity now to compare where I was in my first book through ten chapters to where I am in my second. But first let me tell you about the chapter.

I know it’s been some time since I posted about MY book, so let me give you a short review of what’s happened so far. Andrew is hired by a prominent activist who needs some additional security. Andrew and Sydney have decided to add to their tiny family. A major event hosted by Andrew’s client is interrupted by some very unwelcome guests. And the case is sending Andrew out of the city of Houston for the first time.

In this chapter Andrew and Sydney make a major decision regarding their relationship. The chapter is playful and happy and serious and argumentative all at once.

Obviously that wasn’t an in depth review of what’s happened, but all of that is in previous blog posts. Feel free to play around on here if you want to know more about the first nine chapters.

Now, to the stats! And I offered up a comparison between my first book numbers and my second.

Book Two (Book One)

Word Count: 23,561 (22,885)

Chapters: 10 (10)

Average Chapter Length: 2,356 (2,288)

Total Editing Time: 24 hours 34 minutes (27 hours 54 minutes)

Total Pages (in Word): 76 (70)

Average Length Spent on Each Chapter: 2 hours 27 minutes  (2 hours 45 minutes)

Write Day Friday

I’ve gotten a little pep in my step this past week. I finished chapter eight last Friday night, I finished chapter nine on Tuesday, and I finished chapter ten this morning. What a fantastic feeling this is. I’ve never worked on multiple chapters in a singe day but today could be that day!

Anyway, I want to talk a little about the chapter.

There’s a break-in attempt at Andrew’s home. There’s a catch…Andrew wasn’t there. Sydney was. Alone. Oh the possibilities! Was she hurt? Did the burglar take her? Did Andrew race home and save the day? Hmmm.

I’ll just say that Sydney is a tough little woman. With a gun. Even more possibilities! Did she use it? Was it taken from her? Does she even know how to use it? I know, Sydney knows, and Andrew knows, but not you all!

The burglary attempt makes the case even more personal for Andrew. Nobody messes with Sydney and gets away with it.

So, with ten being a nice round number I’d like to share some stats with you all about my work. Let’s dive in.

Word Count: 22,885

Chapters: 10

Average Chapter Length: 2,288

Total Editing Time: 27 hours 54 minutes

Total Pages (in Word): 70

Average Length Spent on Each Chapter: 2 hours 45 minutes