Give the Gift of Unlimited Children’s Books

I know what you’re thinking. I just said the other day that books are terrible gifts. True. They are. I’m not actually recommending you take advantage of this offer. I’m simply bringing it to your attention.

Epic is the name of a monthly e-book subscription service that focuses on children’s books. The age range is 2-12. Typically the cost to subscribe to the service is $4.99 a month, but at the moment you can get a year of unlimited books for $42. Not too shabby.

Of course, there are drawbacks. Limited to the books available through the service. You’ll receive zero physical books. And the name of the service is boring.

I’ve obviously never bought a kid’s book for anyone. But I definitely acknowledge how outrageously priced they are. I mean, people are willing to pay $15 for a book with 20 pages and 100 words! Like, whaa? I’m baffled. So I can understand trying to save some money on those pesky kid’s books. But eh, I don’t think this is some can’t-be-missed deal. It’s okay.

Do you buy kid’s books? Interested in a subscription based service to save a little money?

J.K. Rowling Isn’t Finished With Children’s Books

I think J.K. Rowling has now written five adult books, right? Three in her detective series and two standalones. I think. Well fear not, she’s not finished writing books for younger readers just yet.

Her newest book has just been released, and she stated in a radio interview that her focus is on other things and projects at the moment, but a return to children’s books is definitely in the future. I know what you’re thinking. “I WANT TO GO BACK TO HOGWARTS.” I think only a handful of people know if she’ll be returning to the best school of witchcraft and wizardry around, and I don’t think they’re saying.

What do you think? More books from Hogwarts in our future? Or maybe books completely different from her original series? I honestly have no idea, except that she’s more than earned the right to do whatever she wants to.

I’m Writing a Children’s Book Series

I’m not talking about easy chapter books. I’m talking about books for younger readers.

The other day I told a co worker of mine that we need to collaborate on a kid’s book series. He immediately started brainstorming potential book titles. The first is my favorite. The Piggy who Didn’t Want to be Bacon. 😂 Okay, I haven’t looked it up to see if someone has already written it, but I thought it was hilarious. He then proceeded to come up with several more titles mostly around animals.

Am I really going to start work on this? Probably not. But have you seen what some of those hardcover kid’s books retail for? It’s kind of ridiculous when you see how many pages there are and how few words are written. But hey, people will pay what they’ll pay.

I think I’ve already found an illustrator for my potential new blockbuster series. What do you think?

JetBlue and Random House Partnering up to Give Away 100k Books

Yep, you read that right. When I first heard the news I thought the two companies were an odd match for something like this. But I soon realized that book programs don’t have to be limited to non-profits or bookstores or libraries. Any company can come up something. And then I also realized that JetBlue has been involved with getting books into the hands of children for years with their Soar With Reading Program.

But this year they’re changing it up a bit. They’re adding a #BookBattle to the mix. The battle is between five cities and the public is asked to vote online to decide which of the five cities should be given 100k books for children in need. I think that’s pretty great. The five cities are New York City, Detroit, Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, and Houston. I don’t know how long the voting period will be open, but I do know it’s open right now. So if you don’t live in any of the five cities, then the choice you should make when considering which city to vote for is obvious, right? Houston! Duhh. Bring those books here! Please.

You can visit the Soar With Reading website here.

Also, JetBlue installed three book vending machines to dispense free books throughout the city of Washington D.C. this year. How cool are they? Have you heard of this program before?

I’m Sick of People Trying to Ban Books

In recent weeks there has been a lot of controversy down here in some Texas libraries. Some people have tried really hard to ban books. And they haven’t succeeded.

There are two books that immediately come to mind when I think of this recent nonsense. I don’t remember the titles, but one was a children’s book that dealt with transgender issues, and I believe the other dealt with growing up as an LGBT person. Also a children’s book. These are just the two examples that come to mind. This post is NOT about what you think when you see a trans person or what you think of so-called “adult” issues appearing in children’s books. Because right now the content is irrelevant.

These people (and there have been A LOT of them) have tried to get these books either out of the library or in a different section of the library because they don’t agree with them or their placement. Think about that. Now think about how many books are published each year that you don’t agree with. But you’re not in your local library trying to change which books they carry or how they display their books. And I’m definitely not doing that.

People need to just accept that the world doesn’t revolve around everything they believe in because I know I’m not the only one getting sick of this crap about banning or censoring books. There wouldn’t be any books in the library if everyone conducted themselves this way.

Have there been any high profile incidents of people trying to ban books near you recently?

Books in Happy Meals? McDonald’s Says yes


Do you live in Utah, western Wyoming, or eastern Nevada? Yes? Do you happen to have a child who likes McDonald’s Happy Meals? Yes again? Well I have news for you! McDonald’s, for the second consecutive year, is giving out children’s books in Happy Meals! You can say whatever you want about the food or the service or whatever, but there’s nothing negative to be said about this program, except to ask how come it isn’t happening nationwide.

Last year McDonald’s gave away, wait for it…17 MILLION books during a two-week period! *insert any happy emoji here* That’s insane. INSANE! That’s a lot of books in the hands of a lot of children. And who doesn’t like Happy Meals to begin with? I remember the four piece chicken nugget with the toy and the drink. I bet you do too.

If you live within the area of this program, then you better get out to your local McDonald’s and buy a Happy Meal. Cause you probably have kids. If not, maybe you have a small appetite and a Happy Meal is a sufficient amount of food for you. I don’t know. Just participate. The giveaway lasts from January 9-22. So you still have time! Go get some children’s books!

The four books that are being given away are If you Give a Mouse a CookieBig Nate: In a Class by HimselfPete the Cat and his Magic Sunglasses, and Flat Stanley Goes Camping. All books will come with a related activity book. Now go.