Print may be Making a Comeback

Hm. I’ve long preferred print over digital versions of books. For several years e-books were rapidly gaining market share. That trend may be over for now. In both the US and UK e-book sales have fallen nearly 20% year over year. That’s significant.

The reasoning for this may simply be that people don’t want to pay for e-books. Those prices are still ridiculous, if you ask me.

But the outlier of this whole thing is China. They’re reading more e-books than ever before, mostly on smartphones. Perhaps China is a few years behind the greater trend. Or perhaps they just want their e-books. Either way, long live print! 😂

China has a Problem with Winnie the Pooh


In recent decades many people have praised the Chinese government for a number of different actions it has and hasn’t taken. But if we’re going to praise them for some of the good they’re doing, it’s only fair to criticize when criticism is necessary.

The internet in China is heavily censored. We all know this. Several tech companies are actively trying to change this. Besides the internet, though, books are also heavily censored. Recently it was announced that book series such as Winnie the Pooh are negatively affecting Chinese culture and ideology, and thus the books will be banned from the country.

Two things here. First, HAHAHA. Literally. This is so ridiculous that it’s funny. It’s hard to imagine living in China. Heavy pollution. Censorship in every aspect of life. Sure there are countries in which life is noticeably worse, but most of those don’t have the respect China has on the world stage.

Second, this policy is unenforceable from day 1. It’s just not feasible to enforce. They can’t round up all the newly banned books already in the country. And people will always find a way to obtain the things they want.

Do you think the Winnie the Pooh books are worthy of being banned? 😂