This Can’t be Real Life


I’ve written twice this week about Thirteen Reasons Why. In that book Hannah Baker leaves behind 13 audio recordings chronicling things that led her to suicide.

In the Houston news this week a veterinarian accused of murder DID THE SAME THING. She left behind nearly two hours of recordings with one of the local stations here to tell her story.

Guys, this is crazy. She committed suicide a week ago and now everyone is talking about this recording she left behind. I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone. 😂

Have you ever read something and then noticed a strange sequence of events that followed in real life? 

Also, no video today because I volunteered to work OT.


Surely you’ve heard of Little Free Libraries. Usually a family or a single individual will build the Little Free Library for others in the community to enjoy. The only rule to use them is that when you take a book you also leave one.

Well one might think these pretty great little libraries would avoid any controversy or negativity because who hates books!?

In Tulsa thieves stole all of the books out of a Little Free Library. THEY STOLE USED BOOKS! Why? What are they going to do with those books? Sell them for $0.50 each? It’s absurd. The whole thing. Too many ignorant people. I don’t know what to say about these things. Ugh.

What reason can you think of to steal used books?

American Crime

I’m a big TV guy. But I’m not a fan of comedies. I watch dramas. And only two crime shows because they’re all so fake and illogical. I feel the need tonight to talk to you about American Crime. I can’t remember if I’ve written about it on here before or not, but it is extraordinary. The season 2 finale aired tonight. I won’t get into specific details about the story or the cases involved. But I do want to tell you the kinds of things the show makes a point to address.

American criminal justice system.




Gun violence.

Victim shaming.

Right to privacy.

Class system.

Drug use.

Bullying & cyberbullying.


High school.


Public and private education.

I’m sure there are themes that are directly addressed I’m just not thinking of at the moment. But this show is so much more than just about crime. I tweeted immediately after I finished watching the finale.

There was no exaggeration when I wrote that. This is the kind of show that gives you an idea as to how someone like Donald Trump could become a front runner to be President of the United States. It’s because of the ideas and ideologies not much different from the show’s characters. But what the show really does well is it (in my opinion) gives great insight into different perspectives from different groups of people. People in power. Minorities. Victims of crimes. Teens. There are so many different perspectives on things that most people only pretend to understand. And there are so many perspectives that are completely ignored. To me, THAT’S what the show is all about. Perspectives.

Look. There are plenty out there who refuse to believe in reality. There are plenty of people who blatantly deny reality. But American Crime is as real as any thing you can see or feel for yourself. There are A LOT of bad shows on TV right now. There are A LOT of mediocre shows on TV right now. There are some good ones. But there are very few truly remarkable shows on the air right now. American Crime is one of those shows that is simply more than a TV show. It’s a message to every viewer in every episode. It’s a portrayal of American life. It’s real.

I only see the two seasons available for purchase from Amazon. They may be available from other retailers like Google or Apple, but Amazon has both seasons available to be purchased for $19.99. But most of the second season can be streamed through, the Watch ABC app, or ABC on Demand. I’m not going to sit here and tell you how you should spend your money. The first season was nominated for awards every which way. And I imagine season 2 will be no different.

Have you watched American Crime?


Bosch Pilot

I posted yesterday that I wanted to expand the scope of my blog posts to include posts that are not solely about my own writing or books. Well, today is the first post to fall in this new category.

I know a great many people enjoy anything having to do with crime, whether it be TV shows or novels or movies or whatever. I am certainly one of those people. I have a degree in criminal justice and two of my all time favorite TV shows are 24 and The Following, both of the crime variety. I also write detective novels.

Well, one of the top crime novelists of today, Michael Connelly, has finally done his millions of fans a favor by doing his best to get his most famous character, Harry Bosch, on screen. Those of you who are fans of Connelly know that he sold the rights to Bosch early in his career but no movies were ever made and Connelly eventually retained the rights to his LAPD detective. Now we’re here.

Connelly has brought Harry Bosch to Amazon Studios, who have developed a pilot episode for the potential series. It will be the first time that his fans will be able to see Harry Bosch on screen after more than twenty years of novels. Suffice it to say that we’re all beyond excited.

I’m sure you’re wondering now how you can get your eyes on the pilot, well it’s simple! The pilot is set to air FREE via Amazon Instant Video this month. Connelly, Amazon, and everyone working on the project simply ask that you watch and rate the pilot like you would any other item on the site. The overall reaction will determine whether the show is fully developed or not.

You can find all the information and teaser trailers about the Bosch pilot by clicking here!

And we have an antagonist (with only a first name)

I spend my Friday nights writing. Well, mostly.

This particular chapter was fairly easy to write. I knew from the second I finished chapter six where I wanted chapter seven to go. This was also the first chapter that I wrote in multiple sittings that were not on consecutive days. I actually began writing on Tuesday and managed to finish just a little earlier tonight.

I knew that I wanted to introduce another character, and I did. This one is a bit more important than some of the other characters already introduced because he will act as the main antagonist in the story. Just think of him as the Voldemort of my story without the whole wizardry angle or magic or smashed face. I don’t want to reveal much about him, but…he owns several businesses and is quite wealthy. On the surface he appears like any other citizen, but the Houston police have reason to believe he isn’t as innocent as he looks. His first name is Hunter.

Also, I had assistance in naming this mystery man from both my mom and little brother. I always put a lot of thought into the names of the characters I create and this one was no different, unless I steal the names of people I know! (with their permission, of course)

The primary purpose of this chapter is to have Andrew learn who he’s to go toe-to-toe against the rest of the story. I’m aiming for a Harry v. Voldemort showdown at the end. Kinda. Not. Maybe. You’ll have to wait and see!

Also, there are two new books on my What I’m Reading page. The James Patterson title ranks in the top 15 on my list of best books.