Writers, Stop Saying You’re OCD

First off, when someone writes, “I’m OCD about my writing.” that doesn’t even make sense. And second, it’s a stupid thing to say. Do you have any idea what it’s like to live with OCD? Seriously, any idea at all? No? Then shut up. Do you think it would be acceptable for other people to say that they’re autistic when it comes to something? Or that they’re dyslexic when they’re not? But it’s somehow okay for you to go around saying you’re so OCD about your writing? See how dumb that sounds?

You want to say you’re attentive to detail with your writing, then say that. You want to say you’re a perfectionist with your writing, then say it. But let me tell you as someone who knows exactly what OCD is like, it isn’t just being a perfectionist. It isn’t just being attentive to detail. It’s not something that you can understand unless you’ve been around it. I have. You probably haven’t.

Let me give you a slight glimpse into what I’ve seen. We all have our daily routines, right? We don’t even have to think about them. Wake up. Go to work. Come home. Whatever it may be. But think about if you were so particular about what you’re doing that the time it took for you to get ready for work everyday doubled. Think of having to do every single task exactly the same every time. Think of sitting in your car and having to change the radio exactly the same number of times before you can settle on the channel you started on. Think of having to wash your hands constantly just because you have to. Think of losing your job because your OCD has you so consumed by minor tasks that you can never get to work on time. Think of your home having to be spotless 24/7. Not clean, spotless. Think of no one understanding your behavior but proceeding to judge you anyway. And the thing is that I just barely hit the tip of the iceberg about OCD. There are many more things I could mention that the average person just won’t get.

I bet you read all of those things thinking that it’s not a big deal, and that’s the problem. You don’t get it. And you never will.

You should read up on what OCD really is before you go off saying how OCD you are about something. Otherwise you just look like an ignorant prick.