Uh Oh

I’ve been writing about my dash to the end of the year and reaching my reading goal, and then election day happened. 😳

It’s been impossible not to stare at the results in the handful of states still counting and undecided. I check throughout the day and then keep checking after the end of my shift. So now we’re 5 days into the month and I’ve barely opened a book. Welp.

Favorite Political Book?

Today’s election day in the US, and for anyone reading who might be in the US, I hope you’ve taken the time to participate in the election. There are so many local races that affect everyday life that don’t get the attention of the top of the ticket.

With that being said, do you have a favorite political book? I don’t. I only have two and I haven’t read them yet, though that should be changing soon. Many politicians have published a book at some point in their careers and regardless of what we may think of the so called political establishment, I think it’d be fascinating to learn about what goes into their day-to-day mindset.

I’m a Millennial and #ImWithHer

Obviously this isn’t a blog on politics. And obviously I don’t expect people to have the same viewpoint as I do. But election day is less than a week away. Millions of people have already cast their ballot during early voting. The 45th president of the United States is on the verge of being elected. So I decided to make this video to stress the importance of voting in our democracy. Sure I talk about Hillary, but I also discuss the significance of simply having the right to vote as we do.

The important thing isn’t for you to agree with me or the candidate I’m voting for, but rather that you have a say in who leads the country and community in which you live.