I Introduce to you…Johnny Reads!

Guess who actually recorded their first YouTube video like he said he would yesterday? This guy!

Just to give you an idea as to how excited I was for this, I went through my entire day just thinking about it. And then once I was home and had the time to do it…I needed a nap. Then the Astros played. I ended up actually recording and editing around two in the morning. Hehe.

That’s all I have for y’all today. Now would you so kindly go watch my first video? It’s only three minutes long and you’ll finally find out what I plan on making videos about!

Oh, and it would be really nice if you went ahead and subscribed to my channel. I’ll supply snacks for when you watch my videos. How’s that? You can visit my channel page here.

And I’ll be playing around with different camera and lighting setups for the first few videos, so don’t judge me too much, okay? Okay.

PS: The winner of the vote to pick my next read from the Amazon list was Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. I’ll be buying and reading it soon.

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