On President’s Day

I think few people recall that President’s Day was originally meant to celebrate the birthday of George Washington. Now everyone just says President’s Day like we’re supposed to remember and honor all of our presidents. Nah. What I’m especially not going to do is honor the current president in any way.

But let’s make this about books. I’m still trying to figure out which book written by a president I’m going to read for my 2017 Reading Challenge. The one that still really sticks out for me is Decision Points. Of course written written by George W. Bush. Most definitely not because I agree with anything he stood for it enacted, but because his presidency was the first I experienced and understood just a tiny bit of what was going on. Also because his presidency was not a good one by any measure, I think it’d be interesting to learn about the decisions he made and those he didn’t.

But I’m likely going to amend the requirement to include books written about presidents. A few that come to mind who I think would be the subject of great books are FDR, Truman, LBJ, Lincoln, Washington, Jackson, and Nixon.

I’ve asked this before but I’ll ask again, tell me a book you enjoyed that was written by or about a president. Also, no one says it has to be an American president!

Also, the media can’t even agree on the proper way of writing out the holiday. Presidents Day. President’s Day. Or Presidents’ Day. Damn fake news. 😂

On Biographies

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a big fan of biographies. Mostly because there aren’t too many people I want to read an entire book about. Singers, movie stars, and athletes are all writing books nowadays, but I just can’t picture myself getting excited to read about a single person.

There are some exceptions, of course. Such as people who are actually important. A former president’s book (which isn’t necessarily biographical) would surely be a good read. Or perhaps someone like Churchill or FDR. Nelson Mandela. People who made a real difference in the world in which they lived. I don’t put celebrities into that category. And I imagine most people don’t, though some might when you see how many celebrity books are bestsellers.

My take on biographies is that I can mostly do without them. What’s yours?