2016 Reading Challenge Book #4: Friday Night Lights

I know we’re in August now and I’m only four books into my 2016 reading challenge, BUT I’ve actually read two more I haven’t talked about just yet. Hehe. I’ll finish. Because it’s so easy.

Anyway, the requirement I fulfilled by reading Friday Night Lights was a book I’d already seen the movie for. Which you definitely should have seen the movie by now since it was released in 2004. I can’t tell you how great this book really is. This might sound stupid to you, but I believe it should be assigned reading in any sports-related class in Texas high schools and universities. Because if you’re studying to go into the Texas sports market you should understand how important sports can be. This book gives the reader incredible insight into the world of Texas high school football, but more importantly it gives the reader incredible insight into small-town Texas life. It is simply a remarkable work.

Now take just a few minutes for my complete thoughts!

What’s the best sports book you’ve read? The best one for me (just narrowly) is still Moneyball, but boy this book couldn’t be any closer.

Ever Read Sports Books?

Fiction. Non-fiction. Sometimes there’s even a bit of mystery involved. I really don’t. Which is a little odd when you think of the fact that I can only be described as being obsessed with sports. But there are a few that I’ve wanted to read for some time now. Friday Night Lights is probably right at the top of that list. You know, the book that the great, great movie was based off of.

Now that I’m sitting here thinking about it, that might be the only one. Interesting. One would expect me to have a list a lot longer than one, right? Especially with the number of athletes who have “written” their own books. I might not be a fan of those particular types of books, but most are simply biographies.

I’ve only read a couple of sports books off the top of my head, which is surprising. But that’s just how things happen sometimes. What about you? Do you read sports books? Biographies. Fiction. No-fiction.

PS: this post was written to coincide with today being MLB Opening Night!

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