Do you Have a Least Favorite Book?


Photo Credit: Tripping Over Books

Okay guys, most of y’all know I don’t write posts just to bash particular authors for no reason. Don’t worry, I’m not going to start today. But let’s be real, we have all read some pretty bad books. I’m talking books that had no business ever being finished, but somehow we managed to push through and get to the last page. Those are the books I’m talking about.

I’ve decided that I’ll only consider books I’ve actually read all the way through when considering this question. I don’t have a long list to choose from. I used to always finish books once I started them. I just thought they deserved a chance. But then I started reading some pretty awful stories that I just couldn’t finish. So, without taking those stories into account I’d have to say my least favorite book I’ve read was…Hit Man by Lawrence Block. This was the first book I read by Block and I went in with high expectations, because who doesn’t want to read about an assassin? But it didn’t live up. The ┬áchapters were boring and Keller (the MC) gave you no reason to like him at all. Each chapter another person was killed by Keller. Think about that, someone killed every chapter. That’s just too many people. How is the reader supposed to learn about the assassination or who the victim is or anything at all besides the cause of death in such a short amount of time? I don’t know.

Also, my reasoning for choosing this book over a few others is that I can generally read just about any crime novel because I love the genre, but rarely do I start a new crime series and never continue. Oh well.

So tell me about the worst book you can remember reading. I’m quite curious to see your responses.