Writing Cursive

I don’t write handwritten letters often. No reason to. I write in cursive even less often than that.

Most things I write are for me, and rarely is it anything substantive. Why put something down on paper when I can just as easily remember it? It’s pretty easy to remember important things.

But I remember in second grade learning to write in cursive. I remember thinking it was so cool and such an important thing to learn. Now I don’t. I’m not sure I can think of any reason to write in cursive at this point. I know what you’re thinking. What about my signature? Nope. Not even that. I basically just scribble. There are a couple of things I do that make it mine, but there’s nothing overly particular about it.

What do you think about writing in cursive? Do you ever do it?

Keeping a Journal


Photo Credit: The Recruiting Manifesto

You always see in movies or read in books about how this person or that wrote religiously in his her journal about the happenings of everyday life. Which I think is something that many of us have done at some point in the past.

Journals serve as an outlet for EVERYTHING going on in one’s life. I mean, yes there are probably several pages dedicated to that boy or girl you have a crush on but can’t seem to figure out if it’s mutual. But there are also pages upon pages of things that you’d never tell another person. Not your mom or your best friend or anyone. Why? Because no one else will ever understand.

Some might think that it’s only necessary to keep a journal when something is going wrong. Well let me quickly dispute that idea. You see, I’ve never written in a journal before, but a few short years ago I went through something that overwhelmed me for a long time. I needed some kind of avenue to express myself. I turned to letters. I wrote hundreds of letters that were never meant to be read by any other person, unless I decided to give them all to the person I was writing to. Which I never did. So now they serve as a reminder of what I was doing over the course of a three year span of my life while I was trying to figure everything out.

The initial reasoning for writing the letters had long passed but still I kept writing them. About school. Or writing. Or anything at all. My journal wasn’t a journal, it was a series of letters that I’ll never allow another person to read. Cause they just wouldn’t understand.

But that’s just me, have you ever kept a journal? If yes, what did you use it for? Maybe to write about your daily life. Or about a particular event. Or as an outlet to express yourself when no one around you knew what was going on. Or maybe you use it for story ideas. I’d love to know!

Side note: this is my 200th post! Thanks for sticking with me. It’s been great so far.

The Handwritten Letter

ImagePhoto Credit: The Guardian

Be honest, when was the last time you wrote or received a handwritten letter from someone? I wrote one in February and got one in return in March, but since I’m a horrible friend I never wrote back. Even though it was my idea to write them in the first place.

I may or may not have mentioned in a previous post that I keep ALL of the writing I ever receive from anyone. I have a number of handwritten letters from a friend of mine who likes getting mail that isn’t just bills. I have a game of Pictionary I played with a friend of mine for my birthday in 2010. I have all of the birthday and graduation cards I’ve received over the last few years. I have pretty much everything anyone has written for me anytime recently. Why, you ask. Because I think I know a little about how difficult it is to write ANYTHING. And since none of the people I have letters or cards from is a writer, that makes me appreciate the fact that they wrote something for me even more. Because let’s face it, if you aren’t a writer then you likely hate writing anything that isn’t a tweet or text message. Because it’s a difficult thing to do.

I wish I’d get more written letters because they’re so freaking awesome. Seriously, I love the feeling of opening that envelope and having absolutely no idea what I might find inside. I want a pen pal. Someone give me your address so we can exchange letters. I promise to make you laugh every single one I send you. 🙂 But really, you guys are so fun to talk to. Let me write you a letter! That came out way more demanding than I’d intended. Let me write you a letter, please. How’s that?

How do you feel about sending and receiving letters? I’m obviously in love with them. And you should be too.