Two in One Week?

This week two celebrities I follow announced the release of their first books. Lisa Ramos wrote a book on dating in the 21st century, which I imagine incorporates lots of humor. And Lilly Singh wrote a self-help type of book.

I applaud them for wanting to share a bit about their life experience, but there’s no chance I’ll be buying either book. I imagine they’re both okay, but the topics just aren’t for me. I’ve never read anything on either topic, and I don’t plan on starting now.

Are you interested in either of these forthcoming books by Lisa Ramos and Lilly Singh?

On Lilly Singh


I’ve written about Lilly several times on here. I honestly don’t even know the exact number, but I’d say it’s been at least five times. She hasn’t written a book yet. I don’t know her to be a big reader. And I’m nothing like her target audience. But man I’m proud of her.

If you don’t know, she’s one of the most popular personalities on YouTube. She has more than 7 million subscribers. Her channel has been viewed more than 1 billion times. And she went on a world tour last year. She’s doing everything.

I don’t want you to think I’ve been watching her since the beginning, I haven’t. I started in July of 2014 when she released her first single #Leh about millennials that immediately caught my attention even though I have no real interest in hip hop at the moment. Then I started watching her videos as much as I possibly could. I tried to catch up after missing her first four years on YouTube.

But I’m not writing her biography. I want to tell you all why I’m proud to be a fan of hers. She’s famous. She’s rich. She makes her living by making other people laugh. And she’s real. But I’m proud to be a fan of hers because she started making videos in 2010 because she was unhappy. She was in the midst of a low point in her life. And rather than feel sorry for herself and let life slip on by she decided to do something about it. Now five and half years later she can’t be stopped.

She’s talented. She’s hilarious. And she never takes herself too seriously. And she just made her first appearance on late night TV with. There’s nothing wrong with people who take their success for granted because we all take things for granted that we shouldn’t. But there’s never been any doubt in my mind that Lilly appreciates every time someone likes one of her tweets or comments something positive on one of her videos. Yes her hard work and determination has helped her along the way, but millions of fans have been right there with her. Even when she didn’t know it yet.

Congratulations, Lilly.

To me, no one “deserves” anything in life. People don’t deserve to be without basic essentials. No one deserves to win the lottery. Students don’t deserve any particular grade. But Lilly, you’ve earned everything you have. So be proud, be humble, and continue to change the lives of your fans. And most of all, stay super.

Is there anyone you’ve never met who you can’t help but be proud of? Author. Singer. Actor. Friend of a friend.


A Birthday Post (not mine)

Okay guys, y’all know every so often I’ll write about topics that have nothing to do with books or writing. I do this because I don’t know about you, but there’s more to me than talking about books. It’s quite minimal, actually. I pretty much only talk about that stuff on here. Anyway, today’s post is about someone I’ve actually already written about on here before. And it’s her birthday today. Her name is Lilly, but her 4 million YouTube subscribers know her as Superwoman. I first wrote about her in July when I just happened upon one of her videos. Suffice it to say that I haven’t missed a single video or vlog of hers since. Here’s my letter.

Dear Superwoman,

It’s your birthday and I imagine you have things to do and people to see to help celebrate this grand occasion. I’m hoping you’ll be able to take just a few minutes to read this.

I have to be honest with you, I am a very late comer to Team Super. I’ve never previously been someone who would subscribe to YouTube channels or watch too many videos. Mostly YouTube was where I’d listen to music to decide if a particular song was worth downloading. The funny part is that I discovered your channel by doing just that. It was the first week of July and a random article appeared in my Facebook News Feed talking about a YouTube comedian and rapper and this generation. I honestly had no idea what it was talking about or why I even clicked it. But I did. I read the article and thought I might as well watch the video. I watched the video and could not stop singing #Leh for a good couple of weeks. I downloaded it and watched something like 50 of your videos over the next two days. You had me hooked.

That’s my little story about how I discovered your channel. I subscribe to four channels and two of them are yours. But this post isn’t meant to tell you how hilarious I think you are or which of your videos is my favorite. I’d like to tell you why it is that I’ve come to enjoy what you do. So let me tell you.

You say shemurr. You call your fans unicorns. I could go on and on, it’s all great. Truly. And of course all of that is part of the reason why I’m so entertained by you, but there’s so much more. Ask me to describe you in one word. I’d choose genuine. And I didn’t even have to think about it. Why? Because over the course of the last few years you’ve been so very open with your viewers. Are there things that we don’t know about you, I’m sure, but there’s something to be said about someone allowing millions of people in on their life. I couldn’t do it. And I know most people couldn’t, but you have. I mean, who hasn’t seen video or pictures of some celebrity walking around with an entourage 10 or 20 deep. It’s like they operate as a wall between them and the so-called “regular” people. But not you.

You vlog everywhere and I’ve never seen you surround yourself with people or security or anything like that. I think this is part of the reason why your viewers are so enthusiastic. You’re approachable and you don’t cut them off. People ask for a hug and you give one. People ask you to sign something and you do so. People ask to take a picture and you never refuse. People cry and freak out upon meeting you because you’re a friend. Sure you’re a celebrity and it’d be impossible for you to get to know every one of your viewers, but I can sit here and honestly say there’s no doubt in my mind that we could meet and have a short conversation. That’s what makes you different from other people in the public eye.

Lilly, you may very well be the best at what you do, but you’re still a better person. So happy birthday! 26 is only a little old. 😉


A unicorn by the name of John Guillen

PS: that Harry Potter cake in one of your super early videos was INCREDIBLE! Second, I think this satisfies your request from your last video to tell people about your channel.


Back to you WordPress reader, you can check out her channel here.

I leave you with one of my favorite videos she’s done.

A Recommendation!


Did you happen to catch on to the fact that I actually MISSED a post last week? I didn’t post Friday and then I missed my Saturday post the day after. Why? Because whenever it comes time for me to sit down and write one of these wonderful things for you all I will always and forever prefer to sleep instead. Y’all have no idea how much I need my sleep. Anyway, who cares about any of that stuff.

Today’s post will be a recommendation! I can see the wheels in your head turning. You’re thinking of my post from a very short while ago in which I was very specific in saying that I hate and never give out book recommendations. That remains true, BUT this won’t be a book recommendation.

Let me tell you how I just so happened to stumble across this outrageously funny girl I’m going to be suggesting to you all in a short bit. I’m scrolling down my Facebook News Feed. I hate the social network itself and talk to none of the people I’m friends with on there, but I still scroll through my News Feed several times a day. Mostly for funny Vines or memes. So I’m sitting there scrolling along and I catch the title of a Huffington Post article about some rap duo who capture the ridiculousness of Generation Y. I’m like…”Oh.” Honestly, some really trashy articles pop up on Facebook but I click ahead anyway. You can read the article here and you most definitely should! It’s short!

Then I watched the music video, it’s an actual song and a REALLY catchy one! But that’s only how I came to discover Superwoman. Who is Superwoman you ask? She’s who I’m recommending to you guys! Her name is really Lilly Singh.

She has a GREAT YouTube channel that I’ve been binge watching all day. It’s mostly comedic stuff, but in the process of my watching I found a “Draw My Life” video. If you don’t know what these are just think of a person narrating in the background as they draw what they’re saying on a dry erase board. These are always great to watch. So I watched hers thinking that it would be a little about her and a lot about how she managed to gain over 3 million subscribers to her channel. 3 million! And here I thought 1300 blog followers was something special. Anyway, the point that I’m making is that this video was not comedic. It wasn’t at all what I expected. If I had to put a label on it I would call it a video of hope and strength. And holy crap it’s seriously fantastic. And you learn about the girl whose videos are watched by millions.

I know this isn’t my regular bookish post, but you guys should really give this girl a look. At least watch the Draw My Life video because I guarantee you’ll love it. And then watch the music video for #Leh because you WILL be singing it the rest of the day and a purchase will be made.

Read the Huffington Post article and watch the music video for the song #Leh here.

Watch her Draw My Life video here.

Access her YouTube channel here.

Follow her on Twitter here.

Download the song #Leh from Amazon here. (Couldn’t figure out the iTunes link)

PLEEEEEEEEASE don’t just read this and skip all the links. This girl is beyond hilarious and I know you’ll find her entertaining. Regular bookish post coming tomorrow!

I decided to go ahead and include her Draw My Life video because I know you guys are lazy and won’t click. Now watch!