Memoirs, Memoirs, and Memoirs

So far this year I’ve read a few memoirs, with at least a couple more upcoming. This is not a genre I’ve ever really gotten into. There’s no reason for it, just how things have happened.

But this year and going forward I’m thinking it’ll be a new genre to gain more exposure to. Why? Again, no specific reason except that there’s more to read than just mysteries.

So tell me if you’ve read any good memoirs recently.

On Memoirs

I’ve just realized something recently. I have no idea what a memoir is. I’d been told previously that it’s a mix of fact and fiction. But not much more.

So I looked it up. The actual definition doesn’t help one bit. It sounds exactly like an autobiography to me. But it’s called something different. Someone enlighten me. Seriously. I don’t currently have any idea what differentiates the two.

What the heck is a memoir?