I’m Getting Worse

When I started this blog more than five years ago I had never posted anything like this online. Then it grew and grew and kept growing. Then I realized I was posting just to keep posting rather than because I wanted to.

So it all stopped.

But after so long of no activity on here (and really not even thinking about it) I’m ready to share my thoughts on so many things bookish again.

The title of this is about my reading. I set a goal in 2018 not to buy any new books. I failed. By one. I bought a book at the end of the year, but otherwise managed to stay away from Half Price. But unfortunately that didn’t correlate with a bump in reading the books I already have. I hit a new low in the number of books read of only 5 for the entire year. My excuse lately is that Fortnite takes up too much of my time, but that’s only an excuse. Here’s to being a better reader in the new year.

How was your 2018 in reading?

The Diary of an Unhappy Nobody: Day 2

Everything on here isn’t going to be negative, I promise you that. Today is the first example.

Every year people say they want this or that to change in their life and so often nothing really changes. I say screw that. This year I have one goal. Not to read more. Not to post more on here. Not to travel more. And not even to find happiness. It’s to be more giving.

I know I’ve told y’all I’m lonely and unhappy, and I am, but I have a great job I love more than you can imagine. I have a home. I can go to the grocery store across the street whenever I need to. I don’t live paycheck to paycheck. And most importantly, I’m healthy.

Last year I gave $205 (I think) to different causes. That’s not enough. My plan is to at least triple that and perhaps get it up to $1000 for the calendar year. I know it’s a small drop in the bucket, but as time moves forward I’ll increase as I can.

Each month I will select one nonprofit organization in or around the city of Houston to donate to. Tomorrow I’ll write about the first organization I’ve selected.

2014: My Goals

Even though we’re well into the new year now, I’ve just very recently laid out what I wish to accomplish in 2014. Of course, the list revolves around my writing. What else, right? Let’s get to it.

1. Finish the book I’m currently working on

This seems fairly obvious, I’m sure, but all of my fellow authors out there know that no book is easy to write. Not even the bad ones. This comes first on the list because the longer I take to finish the less time I have for the other items on my list. I wish I could wake up and spend 24 hours straight at my computer writing chapter after chapter and get this thing written, but I can’t. Although I want to finish in a timely manner, I won’t rush myself. I just want the story written.

2. Begin the search for an agent to represent book two

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’ve decided not to self-publish my book under any circumstances for a number of reasons. If you’re interested take a look at the original post here. Again, we all dread the search for an agent because we’re putting our hours and months and maybe even years of work out there for someone else to judge. It can be a scary feeling, but it’s one I’m ready to take on. I wouldn’t be surprised if the search for an agent ends up taking longer than the time to write the book, but again the decision has been made and I look forward to it.

3. Write book three

There’s no doubt in my mind that once I finish working on my second book that I’ll almost immediately start in on the third. The idea has been in my head as long as the idea of writing has and it’s waiting for its time to shine. I came up with the basis for the book in early 2012 and have been eager to revisit the idea ever since.

Also, note that it took me four months from the start of the first chapter to print for my first book, so the goal of two books in a single year isn’t too farfetched based on the writing I’ve already produced.

4. Writing vs. full-time employment

This is where things get a little tricky. Goals are never 100%, right? Well if I am unable to ink any kind of publishing deal by year’s end, even if I have two books finished, I’ll at least entertain the prospect of finding a real job. Right now I only work part-time on the weekends and am supposed to be spending my weekdays at my computer writing, but I don’t write as often as I should. So, 2014 is certainly what might be considered a make or break year for my writing.

But remember that I am holding onto a degree in criminal justice that I’m not putting to much use. I mean, I have a great interest in the criminal justice system, but my first choice will always be writing over everything else. And also note that if I am forced to get a real job that I’ll still be writing and fighting for that publishing deal. I’ll just have less time devoted to the cause.

Wish me luck!

2013: What a Year


2013 was quite the year for me. So many great things happened and 2014 will have to bring it in order to compete. Now let me talk about some of those great things.

College Graduate

There was never any doubt that I’d earn my college degree in recent years since I planned my schedule two years in advance in order to walk across the stage in May of this year. But still, it’s difficult for me to put into words just how great that day really was. I come from a family of eight siblings, I’m the second youngest, and not one of us had been able to complete the task of earning a college degree. Until me. That in itself is something to be proud of, but I was also proud of the fact that I was able to get that degree in my hands in just three years and be the youngest student in my graduating class at 21. May 18, 2013 is a day I won’t be forgetting any time soon.


First Book

I started 2013 with two very distinct goals. The first was to graduate, which I did, the second was to get started on my first book as soon as the first goal was complete. Well, every reader of this blog knows I managed to accomplish that as well. Less than two weeks after graduating from UHD I began work on my first book. It became a five month long process that culminated in its release on October 29. I just stated above that I won’t be forgetting my graduation day any time soon, well I also won’t be forgetting the day my first book was released. Again, I struggle to put into words what it felt like to hold my own book in my hands. It was a remarkable feeling that hasn’t been tarnished by the fact that several friends and family members still haven’t read it nearly two months after its release. I WROTE A BOOK! That’s all I’m still thinking. And you all know that I’m fast at work on the second.


One of the low points of the year has definitely been my lack of reading. In 2012 I started and finished 44 books by 17 authors. This year, if you’ve taken a look at my What I’m Reading page, you know that number fell to a miniscule 15 books. I mean, can you blame me for falling behind my reading a bit as I finished my final semester of college and wrote my first book. I’m definitely somewhat disappointed, but it’s understandable. Like many serious readers I think, I rank the books I read. Well, my favorite book that I read in 2013 was Nine Dragons (Harry Bosch #14) by Michael Connelly. It currently ranks in at #15 on my overall best books list.



Those of you who read many of my blog posts know that I typically talk solely about my book and writing. Well, why not change it up for the last post of the year? My absolute favorite movie to be released could only be a literary adaptation, right? It’s easily Catching Fire. By a longshot. Something that you guys don’t know is that I am obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence. Yes, I know I’m supposed to be this professional author and all of that, but she’s perfect and I’m in love. Not to mention the fact that she dominated the year.  She needs a Twitter so I can tweet her everyday.


You guys also probably don’t know that I am obsessed with country music. My favorite song that was released this year was probably Beat This Summer by Brad Paisley. This was a tough call because there weren’t many songs that I REALLY liked.


Lastly, I’d like to wish every one of you a happy new year. I’m sure it’ll be one for the record books.