The Dedication Page

You know, that page you probably skip right over when you initially start a book? Yeah, the dedication page.

I generally read every page of books I finish. Epilogue. Prologue. Everything in between. But I also make it a point to read the dedication pages. All of them. Why? Just because the author decided to include it and that’s reason enough for me to read it. But I’ve never come across a memorable dedication in any book I’ve ever read. That isn’t to say that I think authors should write some great dedication to start their books, but I imagine there are some memorable dedications out there that I just haven’t seen yet.

I’m lucky enough to have written one of these before. And even though I haven’t opened my book in many months, I’m pretty sure I remember mine. I think it read “For mom and dad, I did it!”. That may be slightly off, but it’s something along those lines. I honestly can’t remember ANY dedication I’ve read. Yikes. The only thing I’m thinking of (without checking) is that Robert B. Parker would always dedicate his books to his wife. And I think her name was Joan. That’s about it.

Have you ever read any really cool dedications at the start of a book?

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February Sets a New Standard


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No. I wasn’t my best month ever in terms of site views. Mostly because there were only 28 days in the month. BUT it did break the record for average views per day! So that’s exciting. It did better than last May, which is pretty remarkable. Let’s get into some stats. As always, previous record will be in parenthesis.

Posts: 28 (31)

Likes: 693 (714)

Comments: 820 (2121)

Followers: 2,439

Books Read: 0

Poems Posted: 1

Uh oh. My goal of reading 50 books this year took a little hit and I’ve only posted three poems since the start of the new year. But I’m not worried. One can accomplish many things in ten months. Now for some posts.

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Do Your Books Have a Prologue?

Favorite Post

Stop Smelling Your Books

Post you may Have Missed

#WCW Bookish Edition

I almost had one of my guest posts take the top spot for the month. I think it ultimately finished third. And I’m not forgetting about that. The week of guest posts (last week) had my single best day of the year, and then followed it up with my second best day of the year immediately after. But for whatever reason there weren’t as many comments on the guest posts as I’d have hoped. I’d had three consecutive weeks of 240+ comments until I didn’t come anywhere close to that number last week. But it’s okay! Overall, February was a great month with a number of great posts. Definitely looking forward to March, and I’ll have a surprise for all of you soon. Stay tuned!

How was your month?


Do Your Books Have a Prologue?

I have to be honest, very few of the books I read have prologues. And these aren’t all post-2000 published books, they’re from about the last 30 years. Mostly. And even the rare book that does have a prologue, it really doesn’t. On several occasions an author has used a very intense scene from later in the story as the prologue and just left you with a cliffhanger to start. Sometimes this is apparent and others it is not.

Now I’m just wondering what more current writers are doing. Cause obviously I’m not able to read every book or author writing today, so my experience with a lack of prologues may or may not be the norm. But personally, I don’t know that a book having a prologue makes any difference to me. Here’s my process when I initially begin reading a book…

1. Make sure that the book follows my rules of reading.

2. Steal it away from my TBR shelf.

3. Read the back cover cause it’s likely been waiting to be read for months.

4. Start reading.

See, it’s simple. At no point in time do I want to be distracted by a prologue that I’m likely to forget.

Now ask me this question as a writer. Do I include a prologue before my stories? Ha. No. Obviously. The real question is, do you?