What’s With the Rush to Publish?

Self publishing has changed the mindset of many writers in many ways. But today’s topic is the rush to publish. Back before the days of self publishing, I don’t think most writers were in any rush to publish their books. Why not? Because they had no control over how long the process would actually take. Queries. Rejections. Queries. Rejections. It was a cycle that continued…until it didn’t and an agent and/or publisher was found. But that’s no longer the case. Sure you have the purists who will still go through the process to find an agent and traditional publisher for a wide variety of reasons. And these writers are in no rush because they know the process takes time. But bring on the self published authors and it’s a different story.

They seem to pride themselves on the number of “books” they can release. I’ve read about some authors trying to write one million words in a calendar year. ONE MILLION. And then taking the next year to “edit” those books. Like really? I’m sure that person had every intention of self publishing all those books at some point. Also, I’ve read about self published authors releasing a book a month. I mean, who do they think they are? James Patterson? Because those books can’t possibly be high quality. It seems like they’re getting that whole “quality over quantity” thing all wrong. Just because you release dozens of books does not mean anyone is actually reading them.

I just don’t understand why all these “authors” are in such a rush to publish. As if their nonexistent readers are going somewhere.