Making Money From Plagiarism

Every so often it’ll come out that a book was the work of plagiarism. The author is forced to pay back royalties to the rightful owner of the content.

Unless you’re Rand Paul. Last year he made more than $200k from book royalties, but his most recent release is actually the work of plagiarism full of quotes pulled from online sources. But to my knowledge he hasn’t had to pay back a single cent. This is disheartening.

He’s been called out for his plagiarism multiple times and still nothing has been done. He’s still collecting royalty checks.

What do I think of this? I think he’s a prick. And I think someone needs to file suit. Even if they’re simply trying to hold him accountable rather than trying to recoup money.

I’ve only heard of plagiarism happening in a few cases, and royalties are almost always paid back. I’m not sure why it hasn’t happened in this case.

What do you think of this guy just collecting money for work that isn’t his?