A Scramble to the Finish

I think just about everyone is ready to turn the page into 2021. Who knows what we have in store after this to tumultuous year?

Tonight I’ll finish my 40th book of the year. Simple math tells me I’ll have this month to read 10 books in order to reach my annual reading goal for the first time ever. Is it possible? Sure. Is it likely? No idea.

I entered October needing to read 24 books to reach the goal. Yes, I realize I was well behind with nearly half the books remaining. But eight in October and five in November have all led to this final, glorious month of December to finish. The problem won’t be the number of books I have left. The problem is really the books I have on my shelf to be read. As you can imagine, I’ve spent some time these last few months thinking about which books will get me to the finish line. But so many of the books I have are either lengthy, not interesting, or both. Now is not the time for a 550 page brick.

This may cause me to make another trip to my local Half Price Books. I actually went this past weekend, but didn’t want anything. Would it be cheating if I read the next 10 Wimpy Kid books? 😂

I Need More Goodreads Friends

I’ve always tracked all of my reading. I’ve had Word docs and spreadsheets set up to document just about everything you can think of. That was before I embraced Goodreads. But now I’m using it more than ever. I only have 17 friends and most of them don’t actually post any updates.

At this point the app (or website) is the easiest way of holding yourself accountable. It’s so easy to use and you get to keep up with what your friends are reading and posting. I’ve seen people with thousands of Friends and think to myself, “Is this Facebook?”. Not really looking for that, but racing everyone (unknown to them) to reach our reading goal for the year is kind of fun.

I think you can add me here.

Do you use Goodreads at all?

It’s all About Routine

I finally have a set work schedule. I can set aside time to read each day rather than just picking up my current read whenever I think I have time.

It’s nice to know exactly what I’ll be doing and when I’ll be doing it after several months of uncertainty. I’ll never have enough time to read everything I want to read, but now perhaps I can get into a little groove and at least get some reading done.

Has a defined work schedule ever helped you devote more time to reading?