YA Needs Threesomes. Wait, what?

I’ve just been reading about how authors and agents of YA are frequently including and asking for threesomes in their titles. I mean, I don’t write YA. I’m as near to certain as I can be that I never will. But, really?

My thing is that there’s this huge stigma associated with erotica, right? But then you put the same kind of thing in YA and it’s openly accepted. What, because kids are supposedly learning about their own sexuality during their teen years? I don’t understand. An article I just read had perspectives from authors and agents alike, and the responses were all quite similar. If the threesome works within the story, then include it.

I have no idea how detailed particular authors are in these scenes, but many aren’t leaving much to the imagination. Just the samples given were pretty in depth. Now I have no issue with sex in YA, or even with teens reading about sex in YA. But I think it’s a little hypocritical for so many to constantly bash erotica and then have those same people talking about adding threesomes into YA stories.

What do you think about this little trend? If it’s even reached that level.