Books and Chill

I’m not pretending to have come up with this on my own. I’m stealing it. But I think it’s pretty funny.

Hopefully you’re familiar with “Netflix and chill” by now. I know most of my readers are older, so y’all definitely should be aware of it if you have teens in the house. Cause they are. But forget Netflix. Books and chill could be used for those who want to get some reading done beforehand. For entertainment or educational purposes, of course. And then the fun can happen.

What do you think? Can books and chill become a thing? I hope so. It’d be great.

PS: This isn’t a serious post. I don’t think people are going to start saying books and chill, although anything can happen. 😂

Why Writing is Better Than Sex

Okay. So I have three emails that I use to varying degrees. The first is one I’ve had for years and its inbox has thousands of emails. The second is one I made when I got my Galaxy S4 last year that I now only use for important things. And I’ll occasionally give it to a someone trying to send me a writing sample or whatever. The third one is not used at all. I have the app but I just don’t need it for anything.

Well, the third email is the one that is linked to my official website for contact purposes. Cause I’m so important that I need an email for contact purposes. Anyway, I randomly checked the third email’s inbox today and found something great. An email from Global English Editing. They found my website and had a nice infographic for me to check out called “Why Writing is Better Than Sex.” It’s actually very funny and maybe more true than one would think. So without further delay, I give you “Why Writing is Better Than Sex.” Tell me what you think!


The original can be found here.

And thanks to Angela from Global English Editing for emailing it to me!