For all you Book Smellers

I typically laugh when people mention the smell of a book. Because books don’t smell like anything but paper. Anyway, scientists are now attempting to archive the smell of old books. Yes, really.

I’m not sure what they might be working in if they weren’t archiving the smell of books, but surely there is something more important than this. There must be. I don’t know what the stated goal is but it does sound like museums and libraries may be possible “beneficiaries”, if you can even call them such. Museums would have a more authentic smell and libraries, well, I have no idea. Go buy a book perfume and spray it around if the smell is so great. But conducting some kind if scientific experiment for this seems pointless.

Are you a book smeller? Please say no.

Stop Smelling Your Books


Photo Credit: We Know Memes


This blog is coming up on 12,000 comments, and you would not believe how many people have said something about the smell of a new book. I’m pretty sure each and every time I’ve read that in a comment I’ve rolled my eyes and proceeded to scream loudly on the inside.

I mean, new cars have a nice smell. New shoes have a nice smell. Heck, a pile of clothes out of the dryer has a nice scent, but books? I’ve never once smelled a new book. And I’ve never even thought to do so. I guess I missed the memo that told everyone how great paper and ink smell.

I’m writing this imagining all of you walking through Barnes and Noble or your local bookstore just picking random books off the shelves and smelling them. And repeating this over and over until….I don’t even know. Until you catch someone looking at you like you should be institutionalized? Seriously, there might be something wrong with you if you’re smelling your books so much.

Oh! I know! You’re actually in the drug trade and you’ve laced the pages of your books with some illegal substance and you sniff them to get your high. Glad I finally figured it out.