Writing Pet Peeves #9: Spelling

I understand that many people struggle with spelling even the most basic words. I’m no good with math, no big deal there. But generally speaking, someone who’s bad at spelling knows they’re bad at spelling. Which is why it drives me crazy to see people make no real attempt to spell words correctly whenever they write something.

I’m not talking about people who write with acronyms or intentionally shorten words, I’m talking about those who know they’ve likely spelled a word or two or ten incorrectly and refuse to take the extra 30 seconds to verify its spelling. How hard is it to make something you write just a little bit easier to understand?

There are rare occasions in which I’m not 100% sure if I’m spelling a word correctly, and what do I do? I take ten seconds to figure out if I’m right or not. So easy.

On this day in 2014 I published Help Wanted!. Very rarely will I spotlight a single person on here, so read this because that’s exactly what I did last year!