Deciding on a Staff Pick

Throughout the year those of us at Half Price Books review any book, movie, or CD we want to.

And this month I volunteered. But then I realized I needed something to review. At first I wanted to read something and then review it, but then I started thinking of books I’ve read recently. Then I thought of one book in particular. Lone Survivor. I’ve said on here that it’s easily the best book I’ve read and one of two books I’d recommend to anyone asking. So what better book to review for the company?

Sure it may not be a new release, but it’s one of those rare stories you read and simply don’t forget.

If you could review and recommend just one book like I have to, what would it be? I know I’ve asked about the best books you’ve read and about favorites, but this would be for people who enjoy reading. It wouldn’t be geared toward any other specific group. So, what would you review?