Not all Writers are the Same

People on WordPress like to describe themselves as writers. These same people also like to describe writers in general. One of the things they do most is lump all writers together into this group of people that does everything exactly the same way. I’m not talking about writing styles or writing at all, I’m talking about the actual person.

It seems everyone on WordPress is operating under the impression that ALL writers are introverts. And they all state this as common knowledge and fact. It’s annoying that all these people are making assumptions about people they don’t know and never will. I don’t consider myself an introvert at all. And obviously I’m not the only one. Two different professions, but this reminds me of all the people who say all police officers are _____. It’s a joke. What if I said all Christians are _____? Or all college dropouts are _____? See how ignorant all of those sound? But it’s perfectly fine for everyone on WordPress to throw all writers into the same basket? Just stop.

All writers are writers. How’s that?

On this day in 2014 I published The Mother’s Day Post.