The Top Super Bowl Commercials From Yesterday

The final numbers aren’t quite in yet, but Super Bowl 51 was the most watched TV program in the United States since last year’s big game. It featured a comeback the football world has never seen in the final game of the year.

But this is about the commercials. There were plenty of typical, mediocre commercials that no one remembers less than 24 hours after the game. And then there are these.

84 Lumber

The company paid $15 million to air 90 seconds of this ad. Fox forced them to alter it because they claimed it to be too controversial. The end result is the best super bowl ad I’ve ever seen. Few words are spoken, but the message could not be more clear.


We’ve grown to expect Coca-Cola to wow us just about every year with their super bowl commercials, but they did something I don’t think I’ve seen recently. They aired the same exact commercial they aired during last year’s game. Showing Americans of different faiths, races, and ethnicities. It couldn’t be more relevant.


A newcomer that made a real statement. The world is diverse, and we should all have a more inclusive mindset. The message of this ad.


I’m used to Audi’s ads showcasing their vehicles with sharp turns and flashy designs. I’m NOT used to the company using it’s minute of super bowl ad time to show its support for equal pay for equal work. Heck, I can’t remember an ad proclaiming such a statement that wasn’t for a political candidate. I love it.

This list is by no means exhaustive. There were several ads that aired last night I enjoyed, but these were the ones that stood out to me. People are so quick to say things are anti-this or pro-that, right? Because if you’re for something then you must be against something else. Since when are messages of diversity and inclusiveness anything but American?

Did you have any favorite ads from last night?

It’s Super Sunday

The eyes of the sports world shine on Houston today. No annual event can attract the number of eyeballs this game will, though with ratings declining this year could be a bit down.

I know many of you don’t care for sports but I also know this game isn’t really about sports fans. People watch even when they have no idea which teams are playing or who is favored.

I’ll take the Pats. Because I’ve learned that you simply don’t pick against them in this game when Eli isn’t on the other side. Who ya got?

Also, I’ve already seen several commercials I thoroughly enjoyed.