We Read Too App is Great

We Read Too. It’s the name of an app to help readers discover books about and written by minorities.

While everyone a few years ago was posting on social media that We Need Diverse Books and doing NOTHING to actually accomplish that goal some people were actually coming up with ideas and solutions. Thus, the app.

The app acts as a directory of books with what we call diverse authors an characters. Basically anyone who is non-white. Like myself. Personally I’d like to read more books with Latino characters or authors. But those books are massively outnumbered in the marketplace by booms mostly written by old white guys. Which isn’t inherently bad. It just is what it is.

On Kindle

The Kindle has come a long way since it first debuted nearly a decade ago. And Amazon keeps making it better. But seeing is believing, not just reading about it.

Recently I happened upon a co-worker reading in the break room at work. I saw him reading on a new Kindle. I asked which model it was because it looked nice. He said the $79 one, which is the regular Kindle. Now I know I’ve said I’m trading mine back in because I just don’t use it, but his device was great. I mean, I didn’t expect the base model to appear so advanced. The text is so much more clear than mine. The screen is much easier on the eyes. And it appeared about as thin as a strand of hair.

And of course Amazon just announced their newest edition. All this is simply to say that the “regular” Kindle is a great device, so I can’t imagine how superb the more advanced models are.

PS: Still not using mine or buying a new one.